Friday, March 09, 2007

Where have I been?

Haven't blogged in a few days, and want to catch you up on what is going on...
Had the drain removed, Tuesday. (Thank God) and the nurse told me that I could advance my diet. So, what does the food deprived person do? Rick and I went to the Mc Donalds in the Cleveland Clinic, ordered an egg mcmuffin, and I ate the egg, Rick ate the rest. The best egg I have ever eaten. I have since eaten a 1"x 2" piece of lasagna, two chicken strips, and an orange push-up. I tried to eat a hamburger last night and spent the night throwing up. I can only eat a 1/2 cup of food for a meal. That is the capacity of my stomach.
How am I as far as pain/activity? I have NO pain. I am going back to work on Monday (yipee). I walked 1 mile yesterday at Midway Mall with all of those blue haired folk. If you have not witnessed them in action, it really is quite impressive. Have already informed Ricky that he is at my mercy tomorrow when I go walking. I am so grateful for my sister in spirit, Yolanda. I think she is telepathic. She knows when I am getting the blues and gives me that much needed call to keep me in line and to get my spirits back on track. She has been my inspiration. Her best advice to me was to give it to God to handle. I love you Yo-Yo.

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