Monday, April 16, 2007

A bad, bad blogger am I...

Haven't blogged in a while...let me catch you up on the comings and goings....
Did a day at the spa...Mario's with Karen for Good Friday, and then went to a crop that Trish organized for the evening. Did not really feel too into it because of the day at the spa...just plain worn out. It started to snow that night, and did we get hit. UGH...I was born to live in Florida.
(Forgot to mention these events in the Easter blog)

Fast forward....the kiddos off school for a week and they were real troopers helping to get the house clean. Saw three movies in the past week..."Blades of Glory" ...definite juvenile humor, "Meet the Robinsons"...cute with a good message....and "Are we done yet?" (sequel to "are we there yet?") ...good, but not as good as the original.

Have not spent much time with the husband...miss having a little alone time. He does not realize how much I need just some adult time. He did not go to any of the movies...he found other things to do which also upsets me that he does not join us.

Am 63 pounds lighter and had not thrown up in two weeks, until tonight. Ricky wanted Qdoba for supper, I tried some and threw up three times. UGH. Also got the bad news from my loving hair dresser that I am losing hair. Need to pump up the protien.

Did get to talk, althogh briefly, to Val today, miss talking to her. She makes me feel better about myself. She has a natural way of doing that, I am lucky to have her as my sister.

Going to try to promise not to be an absentee blogger....

The house was featured in the Chronicle Telegram, and they did a web presentation. Finally, some work towards selling the house! First day after, and we have two interested parties coming Thursday to see the house.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! This was such a wonderful holiday. I thought that after my mother died, that we would not have happy holidays again. I did not forget about mom, especially as I put on the corsage that the boys got me. I remembered the flowers that I would get for mom. Made me feel a little closer to her. Valerie put on a wonderful meal for us all. Dad brought Vera and her son, Ed. Vera is good for dad, she makes him happy. Who would have thought that dad would ever be taking dancing lessons. Dad is so social and Vera brings out that side of him. He laughs with her and that is a good thing.
I loved seeing Trent and Nick playing together, and I loved seeing my Paige so happy.
Ed fit in well with the men, they flipped between the Masters and the Cavaliers game...I hate when they do that...makes my head hurt.
Hope all of you got to spend the day with those you love celebrating the risen Lord.
Love to you all.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Thelma and Louise hit the road....

OK, I think we decided that I was Thelma and Marti was Louise. We took off on a scrapbooking road trip to Michigan this cards and cash in hand. Our first stop was to Scrapbook Zone in Farmington, a nice assortment of product. They recommended their neighbor store, Lou's ConeyIsland for our lunch...heinous dogs, mind you. Threw that one right up. They recommended another store, Scrappy Chic who sent us to Scrapping and Stamping as they were closing in an hour and were relocating and had everything 60%off. Not much left there. Back to Scrappy Chic...enthusiastic staff, great selection, nice gals...they went right along with us. They even recommended a third store Scrappy Tales. A huge store, wonderful selection. Needless to say, we boosted the Michigan economy. Spent the night at Hotel Barronette. Lousy beds, flat pillows. Air condition was non-existent. Shower hot water was cold, and cold water was hot.
Found IKEA on the way home and had to make a pilgrimage. A must-see. Did lunch at the infamous Tony Packo's in Toledo. Cannot wait to post photos when I get them from Marti! It was an absolute hilarious weekend. I have not had that much fun in ages! Thank you, my friend and partner in crime...I love you.

P.S. Game on!