Wednesday, March 28, 2007

another day in paradise...

I am not as eloquent as my friendly bloggers...but today I am mustering enough energy to relate the day... Worked at the Westlake office today and patients came in at a steady pace and the day went smoothly. Picked Ricky up and went for a marathon shopping trip to Target. I had run so low on staples...TP, paper towels, dish know the drill. Made a run to Michaels to get supplies to re-do the flowers for my mom's grave. Dad put out spring flowers last week and they were strewn all over the grass. I gathered them up and bought some new flowers and foam, etc. to get the flowers rearranged. It broke my heart that someone would mess them up. Last year, dad took great time and effort to mount an angel cherub next to her headstone and last week he found that someone had knocked it apart. I have a hard time with such detruction and meanness.
I want something beautiful for Easter. I love you Mom.

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