Monday, September 03, 2007

Sorry I have been away for so long...

Things in this house never are quiet. In the past few weeks, we have had an open house for realtors, have started school (yipee), Ricky has gotten his driver's license (heaven help us all...), we have had a photo shoot with the realtor and Boozer, and have had our house taped for the Smythe-Cramer showcase of homes that will air next Sunday at 10:30am. The same day that they are having an open house here. Will this work ever end?

On the good side, we have a neighbor who is battling Acute lympocytic leukemia...from the look of him, the battle has not been a good one. He came home this week and I am making supper for them today, as well as cookies for their girls. I just remember Valerie making me supper after having surgery and what a lift off of my shoulders that was. I want to lessen his wife's burden and let them have some precious time with their beautiful daughters. They have not had their dad around for such a long time and need to spend some family time. (Val, in case I never told you....THANK YOU).

Dad and Cindy are also coming over for supper tonight. Am going to make lasagna, salad and peach cobbler. Vera could not make it this time.

The boys worked booths at the parish festival at St. Jude's yesterday for service hours so Rick and I headed to Milan to buy melons. Never did get to Milan because of the traffic. We stoped at Burnham's orchard and got melon (juicy and sweet...yum), some peaches which I cannot wait to bake with, and some green beans. Am I in a domestic mode or what?
Off to bake.....