Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The storm prince and princess have been watching the skies tonight....

Keeping an eye to the skies...Nick and I are keeping an eye out because we have tornado warnings and they are close. Rt. 57 and I-90...Ricky called from play practice and said that they took the students to the school basement.
I have a long time fear of storms. I get it from my mom- who I found later got it from her mother. When we were young and there was a storm, my mom would take us to the basement and pull out the couch and have us sit behind it. My grandma had a clear plastic bag for storms that had the deed to her house, her will, and her bank book. She would take that with her to the basement. In later years, I would take the kids to the basement and lay out a blanket for games and we would play with flashlights.
Now, as an adult, I can NEVER sleep when there is a storm. I feel my heart beat faster.
St. Peter is playing bowling, there he goes...another strike.
I am praying that this passes quickly so that we can get some sleep tonight.

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Valerie said...

Uummmm-yeah. I know the feeling. Isn't it fun trying to stay calm so the kids don't freak when in truth, you want to run and hide in the tub? BWHAHAHAH!

Cool picture you downloaded!