Saturday, March 17, 2007

I HATE lying!!! ...even by omission

OK, the easiest way to destroy a relationship is to lie. I was informed this morning that my oldest son, my first born was hiding a secret from me. He was involved in his first auto accident and has not even gotten his license. His father took him to Oberlin to the Army-Navy store to get his uniform for the play next weekend (Elyria Catholic is putting on "South Pacific" and he is playing a sailor). His father's van was blocked in, and Ricky was backing it out so that Rick could get in. He put the van into drive and hit a light post. I guess he got quite a lecture from the police officer (go policeman, go). Lucky for him, he had his learner's permit with him.

I guess what bothers me the most is that I was not told till days later when it was accidentally told to me. I was livid, but nobody else but me sees that it was a bad thing. He thinks that I am going to let him learn to drive in my new car??? He does not have insurance yet!

Am I making mountains out of mole hills???


Valerie said...

In all truth? Yeah, you should have been told. A kid will lie about anything they are afraid to tell. An adult lying.....can't come up with an excuse. Sorry, Rick!!! As far as ruining a relationship, its not important enough for that to happen. And him driving my car....he would have to prove himself first!!!

trish said...

Welcome to the world of teenagers. I had an accident with my mother's new car when I was 16 and just recently told her that it didn't really happen in the church parking lot and I am 42. Good Luck.

trish said...

Okay the above comment was made by me and not trish Jen B.