Thursday, July 26, 2007

I am so down in the dumps...

Hormones be damned! I cannot stand this feeling inside that everything is falling apart. I sit here crying over the show "Finish the Lyrics". Stupid. Nobody in this house understands how I feel-even the dog. (because they are all of the deviant male chromosome).

Have been having headaches at an almost daily basis which in itself is depressing. I have been trying alternate medicine therapies, but I need to have this done everyday and there is NO WAY that I can do that and still work full time (not to mention that the doctor does not work full time) . God bless her that she does this for me for free since I work for her. (At last! A job perk!)

I have had three acupuncture treatments and have seven more. They use three needles on me at the back of the top of my head and I have to leave them in for a minimum of six hours. You cannot see them in my hair. I work all day with them in my hair. IT REALLY WORKS! The needles do not hurt at all-feels like someone flicking the skin with a finger. I feel that after about 5 minutes that my face is like jelly and that my forehead is so relaxed.

It is just so depressing to have a headache EVERYDAY.

I miss cropping with my peeps. Think I may make a date with Marti for next weekend at my house. We have a open house for realtors Tuesday and I have to spend every waking minute until then cleaning.

P.S. Go see "Hairspray" definitely worth it.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

summertime and the living is easy...

I just love summer. I love that my boys get short hair cuts and that they love the out of doors. I love the food of summer...last night we had one of my all time favorite meals, BLT'S and corn on the cob. Am making green beans and ham tomorrow with some onions cooked in. Have never tried it, but we are going to try doing them in the crock pot.

Went to look for peaches, and they are like BB's. Did score a great melon, and Ricky devoured the entire melon. Want to do some burgers on the on the patio...baked beans and potato salad.

I just LOVE summer. How about you?

Monday, July 23, 2007

Start spreading the news.....

OK, this may offend some of you, but I got an e-mail from my doctor telling me that I have officially entered MENOPAUSE! I did tell her tonight that this is not the news that you break with an send flowers or balloons! My sons have made fun of me for weeks because I am exceptionally weepy and depressed. (Valerie, I can hear you already saying that I cry all the time!)
Sure explains alot.
I am now down 114lbs. and am proud of my accomplishment. I do have saggy areas, but feel so much better than I have in a LONG time.
Add the must see of "Hairspray" to your movie viewing. Saw the movie this weekend and it was wonderful! Did go to the Harry Potter party at Borders at Crocker Park. Ricky got wrist bands which got us into the second group to get books. (Little did I know that second group meant almost 2am...) I did not make it to the end...Nick and I left at 11:30pm and Ricky bummed a ride with his buddies. The later the time in the evening, the more freaky the people in the store...the lady with the boa around her neck grossed me out!
Spent Saturday sick in bed, and yesterday we drove up towards Put-In-Bay to buy some melons, tomatoes and green beans. YUM-O.

Monday, July 09, 2007

10 things I am thankful for...

In honor of my sister, Val, I too, am writing a 10 things I am thanful for list.
1.) My niece Paige. I love this girl so much and think she is one of the most beautiful people that I know-inside and out. I don't even think she knows it.
2.) Pedicures. I have a hard time wearing shoes with backs on them-spend most of the time in clogs, hence, the feet dry out easily. I need the "cheese-grater" file on the heels frequently so that my feet do not catch on the carpeting.
3.) My boys still kiss me good night.
4.) The smell of chocolate chip cookies baking. Something about the chocolate, butter and vanilla....YUM
5.) The art of Scrapbooking, This has given me a creative outlet and so many life long friends.
6.) The fact that my family remains close. I love that my sisters live near by and we get to be a part of each other's lives.
7.) Vera. I am so thankful that my dad has someone in his life. He is such a loving and fun person and the thought that he would be alone after my mom died about broke my heart. Vera is good for him. She makes him happy and I think he deserves every bit of happiness that he can get.
8.) Courage and honor. My husband's to be exact. He faces each day from his wheelchair and never seems to let it get him down. His father would have been proud of him.
9.) My sons playing together. Rare, but it does happen. Their ages being so different, they do not do a lot together. I love that they go out and shoot hoops together. I love to hear them laugh together.
10.) My peeps-Marti and Karen. I could not be blessed with any better friends. They know just when I need a kick in the butt or a kind word. They are the kind of friends that always remember to check in once in a while. Never a one-sided relationship. I love them as if they were my sisters.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Ancient Chinese Secret, Hmmm?

OK, I have to admit, I had accupunture yesterday for the second time. This time was different, I had three needles inserted into my head and they had to stay there for a minimum of six hours. These were not comfortable going in (the last time there was NO pain at all) but a few minutes after they were placed, I realized that my facial muscles were so loose and relaxed. No, I did not do this for additional weight loss (though, it is a good idea) ...I did it for headaches. Have been having headaches almost daily lately, and the other night it was so bad that I got sick to my stomach. The doctor inserted the needles on my lunch hour and then I had to worry if Rick would have the stomach to remove the needles. I could not see them, they were on the top of my head towards the back. He was able to do it. No headache.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


I had an experince with a patient that made me realize again why I have chosen Nursing as my career, There are times when you get a little burned out and think, "why am I doing this?"
This week we bent the schedule and added a patient on WAY early and I am so glad we did. The patient was a triple amputee who is also suffering from metastatic cancer. We ended up doing a block on him becuase he was having so much pain. I am thankful that he got some relief and that the doctor was agreeable to adding him to the schedule.
Glad I am a nurse.

I love you mom. Thanks for being a nurse.