Sunday, March 11, 2007

A depressed day...

Today was such a depressing day. The kids were especially mouthy and I just could not take it anymore. Even with the weather SO beautiful. I went for a ride and found myself at the cemetery at my mother's grave. I haven't been to the cemetery in a while-it is hard for me to go there. I miss her so much. So much has happened in my life recently an I feel like I want and need her by my side. When I lost my job last year, I really wanted and needed her. She has always been there when I have had a crisis in my life and I think that this is the first crisis I have endured without her.
So, back to today. I went to the cemetery and cried and talked to my mom about how hard this diet is, and did I do the right thing....I did not get any answers, but I felt like that was where I needed to be. When I came home, the peace in the house was restored.
I guess mom was helping me again.
I love you mom.

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