Sunday, March 04, 2007

After the last supper, comes the first meal...

Had my first meal last night. Rick got me some cream of potato soup and put it in the blender and strained it, and I got to have 1/2 cup (to drink over 1 hour). It was the best food I had ever tasted. Has kinda put everything in its place not being able to eat and having slim fast/clear liquids for over two weeks.
I paid for it though, I thought I had heartburn, but it was gas pains all night. The only relief I had was sitting up straight. Much better this morning. Am going to venture and have a peach/protien powder shake for breakfast. Hard to type, my hands are still swollen (thanks Nurse Ratchet). I was disappointed in the night shift nurse that I had, Nurse Ratchet AKA Lennie. She got me up the first night after surgery at 5 am (had gotten back to my room at 8pm) and put me in a chair. My room was the refrigerator, and she put the PCA controller on top of the IV pole, so I could not give myself pain medication. I called for help 5 times and was always told that the unknown voice behind the microphone would let the nurse know. No help arrived until day shift, and by that time, I was sobbing. Why didn't I get up myself? Because it was my first time out of bed and I was one hurting puppy. At the same time that the day nurse came in, a transporter for the xray dept. came to get me for my barium swallow (gag me). She told them that I needed at least 3 hours of rest before I would be ready to go to xray. Wonderful nurse, Arlene. Anyhow, I was cursed with Nurse Ratchet the second night as well, and when I called her to let her know that my IV had infiltrated, she said, "no, the pump would alarm if it was no

in the right space". Milo, my day shift nurse took the IVout the minute I showed it to him. My fingers are like sausages, and my palms a little ball. Cannot close a fist. UGH. Will try to remember to post later on and let you know how the peach shake goes.

P.S. note to Mr. Trent Blackburn, get better soon, buddy. We hate it when you are sick.

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