Tuesday, June 26, 2007

And now the movie folks!

Not one to want to give a free advertisement, but last weekend, we went to the sneak preview of Disney's latest Pixar movie Ratatoullie. TWO THUMBS WAY UP! Took the boys and hubby and the verdict was that this was the best Disney film yet. Try to see it if you get a chance.
My disappointment..."Knocked up". Love Katherine Heigl but why did she have to stoop to do this movie? Unnecessary profanity and too graphic. Would not spend the money on it...

Monday, June 25, 2007

say cheese...

I am a camera junkie. I recenty broke my favorite camera...don't really understand what happened to it, but I had a fully charged battery and the blasted thing would not turn on. Took the old faithful to Ritz Camera and they gave me an estimate of $400 just to get a diagnosis of what is wrong. Then the costs of repairs.... Sadly, I had to retire my Nikon D70 and I bought the new Nikon D40...love it. Lightweight and I can still use my digital lens with it. Great zoom and 10 megapixels! So, I am back in business.
Not that I was camera-less...I have several cameras and I like each one of them for different reasons...
Until tomorrow....say cheese!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

God bless Jessie Davis and her baby

God bless Jessie. I was devastated to hear that the body of 9-month pregnant Jessie Davis was found this afternoon. I was praying that by some miracle, she would be found alive, safe and healthy. I prayed that there would not be yet another sense-less murder.

God speed Jessie. You are in his hands now. You and your baby are loved.

Thanks for an exciting season, boys!

Thank you Cleveland Cavaliers for another great exciting season. Let's do the finals again next year!

16 years old...look out!

Ricky turned 16 this past week. I love this boy. He is so excited about the most abstract things...music, celebrity gossip, quiz shows, Harry Potter-new book, friends, instant message....
I also love the fact that he and his friends enjoy each other so much, and are the kind of kids that you can trust, and I am proud to say that.
I never hear him anymore, and needless to say, he cannot hear me either. What did the 16 year old get for his birthday? A wireless Ipod headset...Imuffs. Gotta love technology.

The hiatus is over...

Ok, Valerie and Ricky....I am back to blogging...satisfied?
Love you....