Monday, November 12, 2007

N and O and I don't mean...NO

OK, it was a hellish day at work and I am bushed. Almost thirty patients for procedures. Whew! Not to mention that I stayed up late to watch "The Next Iron Chef" ...Yipee for Michael Symon! I actually went to his restaurant, Lola's, before he became one of the "beautiful people". It was so exciting to watch a Clevelander get National/international recognition. And then I heard that all of the other Iron Chefs came to his restaurant last night for supper to celebrate.

The letter "N"

I am actually a decent needlepointer (is that a word?). I took lessons years ago and really find it relaxing. Haven't done it lately, but winter is now here....

Nightgowns...I am not the fondest of flannel, I love LOOSE necked, and loose armed gowns with a wide bottom (not mine, the gown's)made of a soft knit. I cannot feel strangled when I sleep. baby. I love this kid. He loves to come in and cuddle, even at age 13. He loves to lay on my shoulder. He has a tender heart and a killer smile.

The letter "O"
O-H-I-O...(just for you Trent, I spelled it that way). I am born and bred Ohioan. I love the scarlet and grey and make the hand motions to spell out Ohio whenever I hear "Hang on Sloopy" (which should be the state song) wild about this color. Makes me look jaundiced.

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Valerie said...

I watched Script Ohio AGAIN in honor of this post! **snif, snif**