Monday, November 26, 2007

Minding my P's and Q's

The letter "P'...
I do love my own name, does that sound weird? I never wanted to change my name when I grew up. Pam.
Purses...I could never be Imelda Marcos because of the size of my feet, so I do have a love for purses...I even name some of them...Dotty, Betty, Rosie, old Blue... husband is VERY picky as to which perfumes I wear. He and his father get nauseated to the point of sickness from colognes. I can only wear spicy scents, nothing floral. He picks out what I wear.

The letter "Q"
Quicken Loans Arena...aka "the Q". Got to love the spirit of the place. We have made so many friends there. Leroy is my favorite. He is such a sweetheart...
Quiet time...yes, I talk alot, but I like time to myself. I like to sit and read and to recharge my batteries. I may not have peace and quiet, could have the radio, or TV on, but I love "me" time.

as to the more pressing items of the day...please send up a prayer for my friend, Trish's mother, Carol. She has suffered a heart attack and has been fighting a battle with cancer. She has been winning the cancer battle only to have this befall her. She has so many things to live a long life for... the three beautiful children of Trish and Chris come to mind....
Give her some prayers for healing and prayers of comfort for her family. Our love to you all.

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