Friday, January 19, 2007


If Cathy Zilske ever read my blog, she would know the deep love that I have for The Michael Stanley Band. It is the same love that she has for her Green Day. Growing up on the Northcoast of Ohio, MSB was THE band. To this day, I can sing the songs by heart. Many do not know that they did hit #1 nationally , and that Joe Walsh and Jonah Koslin were original members. Michael is now a disc jockey on 98.5FM in Cleveland, and they have a concert or two. My favorite memory was the concert that they did at the old Front Row theatre (no longer exists, was a theatre in the round). I have a photo from that concert of him-actutally we went to the concert two nights in a row. Their music is avaiable on limewire and on i-tunes.

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