Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Val says, tag...I'm it.

OK Tina Zarlenga, remind me to beat you with a wet noodle for this one. I am to tell 7 unknown things about myself....

1.) I got engaged on Friday the 13th.

2.) My mother's sister married my father's brother and so did my husband's mother and her two sisters...they married threee brothers. Who would have thought another family would be as weird as mine....

3.) On my 19th birthday, my parents sent me a new pair of shoes to college. I wore them that evening to a frat party and someone drank beer from them...goodbye new shoes. Hello to walking across campus barefoot in the end of October in the Indiana winter.

4.) I hate parties. Yes, me the social butterfly hate going into a room full of people...I feel judged.

5.) I do not make friends easily. I am a steadfast friend when I become a friend, and I am a friend for life.

6.) I read the obituraries daily. I think I may be obsessed with this. Sick, huh?

7.) I wish I was a jock. I am envious of the girls who were jocks. They always had fun and looked cute even when they were sweaty, dirty. The guys loved that.

OK...I am going to e-mail this to a few friends so that they will be tagged...Marti, Denise, Tonia and VERA...you have been tagged and if you want, you can carry this on via e-mail.


Valerie said...

re: #2: As weird? How about his is MORE weird? SHSHHHHHH....Don't tell I said that.

re: #3: DANG! That must have been one NASTY tasting drink.

forby01 said...

Pam, my sister says if you half bury that shoe with beer in it in your garden, it will attract slugs who will crawl in and drown...then let those frat boys drink out of it! ;)

Ryzmomplus2 said...

OMG This list is awesome... my life is so boring after reading yours and Vals!