Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Welcome back!

The internet is back up and running, although still having some technical difficulties.

Life did manage to go on around the household, so here is an update.

1.) I have now lost 137 lbs.!!!

2.) Ricky did go on his first date! Homecoming! She was beautiful, he was a gentleman. EC won their homecoming game and remain undefeated! Will make an attempt at publishing photos galore tomorrow...have to play with downloading since the net is still hairy.

3.) Dad and Vera had a commitment ceremony two weeks ago, it was so sweet to see how much they have come to care for each other and fill a void in each others lives. Vera is special, she does not leave our memories of Mom out of the picture. She and I talked on the phone last night and she told me that she remembers my mom just as she was...a mom who doted on her three girls and still managed to have an iron fist.

4.) Am taking a class in "Command Spanish for Healthcare Personnel" at Tri-C. Wish I had never signed up for this. So much more could have been done with this class, am so disappointed. We basically sit and do a lot of repetitive work. The class goal was to be able to complete a department specific history and physical at work. That won't be happening in my department. Last class we worked on labor and delivery Spanish....funny, Lutheran does not have a labor and delivery unit. We have three psych floors and not a mention of psychiatric nursing terms! Morons.

5.) Rick and I celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary in a quiet manner....waiting for our homecoming guy to get home, watching a movie with Nick. Some days it just feels better to lie in bed and get some rest.

6.) Valerie wrote this week about memories of Mom. This week marked the second anniversary of her death. Not a day goes by that I do not think about her, or stop by the cemetery on my way home from work to say hello and talk to her.
My memories of mom???
I remember her singing the Milan High School fight song and talking about her cheerleading days. She could also do a mean twist in the kitchen and sing "the Twist". She could shake it with the best of them.
We had the best Barbie doll clothes, complete with trim and buttons. Our Barbie chests of clothes were chock full of clothes.
I remember mom going to church with her black mantilla (sp?) on her head because ladies did not go to church without having her head covered.
I remember mom having "card parties" another name for a hen party of her old nursing school our house. We would get to come down to say good night to the ladies and would love to get up the next morning to see what goodies were left and who was the winner of the prizes that the hostess provided for that night.
I remember every Labor Day, mom would watch the Jerry Lewis Telethon and sing "you'll never walk alone..." and she would cry. She said that was her nursing school class song. Maybe that is why the handicapped children were always the special ones to her.
I remember going to Midway Mall and having a kid who mom had taken care of at the Murray Ridge camp come up to her, she was always ready to give a hug and kiss to them.
I remember that one of mom's friends would call (a long winded friend) often to unload her problems on mom. She would not refuse to listen, but if it got too long, she would have us ring the doorbell and would tell them that someone was at the door...a skill that I have not mastered ...yet.

Most of all, I remember that my mom stood beside me in the worst times of my life and never let me get down. When Nick was admitted to UH in the immunocomromised unit for thalassemia...she went to the hospital with me and stayed with me. It was so hard to contain a sick 3year old....
When Rick had his spinal cord injury, she stayed all night at the hospital with me while he was in surgery. She prayed with me and kept me from falling apart. When he went in for his second emergency surgery, she got her sister to go with me and stay at the hospital so that she could pick up the boys from school. She wanted to break the news to the boys so that they would be more secure with "Grammy" taking care of them without me there. She often told me that she was proud of me and how courageous I was. I could not have done it without her. I had told her final days, that I was proud of her and how courageous she was. I hope that she knew what I was telling her and just how much she was loved, is loved, and is missed. I love you mom.

Pictures tomorrow God willing!

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