Thursday, July 26, 2007

I am so down in the dumps...

Hormones be damned! I cannot stand this feeling inside that everything is falling apart. I sit here crying over the show "Finish the Lyrics". Stupid. Nobody in this house understands how I feel-even the dog. (because they are all of the deviant male chromosome).

Have been having headaches at an almost daily basis which in itself is depressing. I have been trying alternate medicine therapies, but I need to have this done everyday and there is NO WAY that I can do that and still work full time (not to mention that the doctor does not work full time) . God bless her that she does this for me for free since I work for her. (At last! A job perk!)

I have had three acupuncture treatments and have seven more. They use three needles on me at the back of the top of my head and I have to leave them in for a minimum of six hours. You cannot see them in my hair. I work all day with them in my hair. IT REALLY WORKS! The needles do not hurt at all-feels like someone flicking the skin with a finger. I feel that after about 5 minutes that my face is like jelly and that my forehead is so relaxed.

It is just so depressing to have a headache EVERYDAY.

I miss cropping with my peeps. Think I may make a date with Marti for next weekend at my house. We have a open house for realtors Tuesday and I have to spend every waking minute until then cleaning.

P.S. Go see "Hairspray" definitely worth it.

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Valerie said...

This too shall pass. I really hope you feel better soon. It stinks to be depressed. Hey, at least YOU are getting skinny. I get the dad reminders of how fat I am....CONSTANTLY.