Saturday, July 07, 2007

Ancient Chinese Secret, Hmmm?

OK, I have to admit, I had accupunture yesterday for the second time. This time was different, I had three needles inserted into my head and they had to stay there for a minimum of six hours. These were not comfortable going in (the last time there was NO pain at all) but a few minutes after they were placed, I realized that my facial muscles were so loose and relaxed. No, I did not do this for additional weight loss (though, it is a good idea) ...I did it for headaches. Have been having headaches almost daily lately, and the other night it was so bad that I got sick to my stomach. The doctor inserted the needles on my lunch hour and then I had to worry if Rick would have the stomach to remove the needles. I could not see them, they were on the top of my head towards the back. He was able to do it. No headache.

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