Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Day 13-the final day...

Well, this is it. Tomorrow is my surgery. I am excited. I am scheduled to arrive 10am tomorrow for 12 noon surgery. Everyone has called with their good wishes. I cannot wait till tomorrow is over, and I start what I am considering my new life. I am turning over a new leaf to better health.
I spoke with Yolanda today, after she sent me an e-mail that made me cry. She is SO good to me. She is like my own sister. She understands me and knows when I need a kick in the butt. She has walked this road and is wiser than I am about this. She kept me encouraged when I was going to give up. I love her and am grateful that I have her for a friend and SISTER. I hope and pray that I do as well as well as she has.

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